Do Your Own Thing!

It's certainly true that not all habits start as a result of peer pressure. But, its also true that we humans almost always long for a sense of belonging, and find ways to fit in with the group of people who we are with. And what is peer pressure, but the spoken or unspoken desire to be one of the gang. No one has to say a word for us to want to appear to fit in. This pressure to belong can work for our good, if it encourages us, through association, to act in positive, prosocial ways. Or, it can take us in unfortunate directions whereby we engage in unnecessarily risky or antisocial behavior. It is a fact that we become more like the company we keep. This is the reason that good parents keep tabs on the what the other kids on the block are doing and who their own children are playing with or hanging out with. 

When my boys were growing up and would want to do something or other that, "everyone" was doing, their father would say, "Only dead fish go with the flow. If "everyone" is doing it, then we probably are not. We are not dead fish. We often have to swim against the flow." How true!

As you embark on the 8 Ways to Wellbeing for Recovering People program, be quite clear ..... there will be many times when you will have to swim against the flow. Just beginning any program of recovery from most anything requires that you change a lot of habits and ways of being. You will be engaging in character development as well as optimizing your physical and mental health. As you approach each of the 8 Ways, you will be taking stock of your own behaviors to determine your strengths and challenges in each area. Try to find the right company to keep as you begin the process.Who will support you as you struggle to meet a particular challenge? Who is it that will try to lure you to something unhelpful to your progress? These are critically important questions to answer, so think about them now and make some decisions.

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