The true meaning of the word and concept of wellbeing

I was wondering about the true meaning of the word and concept of wellbeing. When I looked up the etymology (ancient origins) of this word, I found that it goes back to the word for wealth, which comes from the old English weal, which means, “wealth, welfare and wellbeing.” Weal is related to the older word, wel, meaning in a state of good fortune, welfare and happiness.

If we are to have true weal, or wellbeing, in our lives, in other words, real wealth, we must optimize our mental health. So much else flows from good mental health, …. Resilience, Awareness of Options, and Possibilities, to name just a few.

If you follow the 8 Ways to Wellbeing for Recovering People formula to optimize mental health, you will not only have a life free of substances, but good relationships, a body supported by healthy habits of diet and exercise, an appreciation for the natural world, fun, calm, a spiritual path, and the joy of giving.

Now that’s true wealth in my book! Our 8 Ways Workbook will be available for sale online in the next week or so, please be on the lookout, we appreciate your support and wish you optimized mental health!

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